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The New G Mentality is a comprehensive program constructed to meet individuals who are seeking positive change right where they are at.

Upon connecting with the participant, they will experience a welcoming process from the registration through the alumni program. A strong emphasis is placed on dignity because we understand that everyone has something of significance to offer to their improvement and to those around them.

Everyone is different, so the New G System seeks to address specific challenges through a comprehensive self-assessment process, which provides valuable insight into their background, experiences, and reasons for seeking change. This information forms the foundation for creating a personalized blueprint for change, which reveals commitments, short-term and long-term goals, and resources to meet the needs. Progress tracking and achievement milestones are integrated to allow participants to monitor their journey toward transformation.

Our process seeks to integrate community, resources, and family (born or built) to come together to elevate everyone in their circles in this process. We intend to create opportunities to improve the lives of gangs so that they do not have to lose families to violence or incarceration.